Gifts of Securities

Donate your appreciated shares, bonds, or mutual funds and take advantage of great tax benefits while supporting the ministries you love. Gifts of securities can be made in life or upon your death.

Donate Your Shares

Gifts of securities are an attractive option for planned giving. Securities can include appreciated shares, bonds, mutual funds, flow-through shares, and employee stock options. Generous tax benefits apply to securities that have increased in value when they are donated in-kind to a registered charity. Normally, securities that increase in value are subject to capital gains tax when sold. However, if the securities are donated (transferred) ‘in-kind’ to the charity (rather than selling them and donating the cash), the capital gains tax is avoided.

  • Pay no income tax on the realized gains
  • Donate a larger gift because of generous tax benefits
  • Offsets other tax liabilities with the resulting tax credit

Donating your securities through LFC has never been easier. Talk to your financial advisor to determine which of your investments make the most financial impact. Download and complete the Share Transfer Form using the button below. Send this form to us so we know where the gift is coming from and how you want it to be used. Then ask your broker to transfer your securities to LFC. Once we receive the securities into our brokerage account, we will issue a charitable receipt based on the market value at that time. The securities will be sold and the cash will be distributed based on your instructions.