Gifts In Kind

Giving a gift in kind allows you to gift capital or personal-use property (non-cash gift) to charity today and receive a tax receipt based on the fair market value of your gift, less any advantage to you.

Gifts In Kind

A gift in kind is a unique, non-cash way of supporting the Foundation or other ministry, with items that are useful or can be easily converted into cash. You can donate property (see gifts of real estate), artwork or other objects of value this way. Each gift, whether personal, real, or intangible property, requires an appraisal to determine fair market value (FMV). It is important to note there are some restrictions to gifts in kind and LFC reserves the right to refuse certain gifts.

How a Gift in Kind Works?

  • You give property (personal, real, or intangible) to LFC
  • The property is independently appraised to determine its FMV
  • Any advantage to the donor will be subtracted from the FMV to determine the eligible amount of the gift
  • You receive a charitable tax receipt for the eligible amount
  • A gift in kind does not typically include services

Is a Gift in Kind Right for You?

To determine if a gift in kind is the right gift for you to make, please contact one of the Foundation’s Gift Coordinators.