Every year, ministry organizations affiliated with Lutheran Church-Canada impact thousands of people domestically and around the world. All of these organizations rely on the generous support of faithful Lutherans to continue their work. However, since these organizations typically have limited staff, most do not have the time or expertise to focus on areas of fundraising beyond day-to-day needs. LFC can work hand-in-hand with your organization to help build and expand the generosity of your supporters, especially in the area of planned giving.

Education & Support (On Planned Giving)

Planned giving is what we do best. Let us bring our expertise into your ministry and help you build support through larger major or planned gifts. Whether it’s speaking at your annual events, working with your supporters to develop gifts, presenting to your board, or sharing stewardship stories with your donors, LFC can be your trusted partner in delivering excellent gift services to support your mission and ministry.

Managing Complex Gifts

Sometimes gifts can be very complex or involve transactions that are not routine to a small charitable organization. LFC is fully equipped to work with you, making it easier to accept these kinds of gifts. In addition to these transactional gifts, LFC can provide your organization with the necessary expertise to set up and manage donor-advised, endowment, or other designated funds.

Custodial Investment Accounts

Proper stewardship of any charitable gift is important and often of interest to conscientious donors who are considering a major gift. Your organization may be blessed to receive a gift that is larger than you might require at any one time, resulting in an opportunity to invest the gift for future use. LFC provides a custodial account program whereby your organization can invest its reserve funds following a ‘best practices’ approach commonly used within the charitable sector. Utilizing LFC custodial funds typically provides better returns and lower management fees than you may achieve on your own. Our Investment Policy Statement provides additional information.