Each of our congregations is filled with faithful, loving, generous Lutherans. Some member's already have a planned gift in place to support the work of their congregation. Interestingly though, many still might not know how they can be a blessing to their congregation and its mission. At the same time, it is vitally important that a congregation understand the impact of charitable gifts by establishing wise methods of receiving and stewarding these gifts to support their ministry for years to come. LFC can help your congregation meet the needs of your members charitable wishes and the congregation’s ministry goals.

Seminars & Education

It starts with awareness. Although most of our LCC members have a Will where a gift is traditionally made, less than 20% have a gift in place. LFC provides education and assistance through seminars and leadership support to congregations who want to establish a planned giving culture. Contact us to learn more or to arrange a seminar.

Gift Acceptance Policies

Stewardship doesn't start and stop with the donor. It is vitally important that a congregation receiving a gift does so with the same faith-based stewardship principles, thus ensuring long-lasting support for their ministry. Establishing a Gift Acceptance Policy protects both the donor and the congregation by identifying acceptable gifts, how they are to be received and acknowledged, and how they are to be used to support the mission and ministry of the congregation. A variety of resources are available to help you put your policy together.

Congregation Gift Fund with LFC

LFC encourages the establishment of a congregation gift fund as a way of managing and investing the gifts you receive from your members. Gift funds typically support outreach efforts, mission and ministry opportunities, capital improvements, or Christian education as described in your Gift Acceptance Policy. Once you have accumulated $25,000, you can establish your fund at LFC. Any future gifts can be added to your fund at any time. Your gift fund is fully available to your congregation without restriction or penalty and is pooled with other funds to provide institutional investment expertise and reasonable returns with competitive management fees.