Individuals & Families

Faith and family, two important areas for Christians. Understanding how you can be a blessing to both is a wonderful way of reflecting God's grace in your life and passing on the importance of your faith to future generations. There are many ways to create a planned gift. We can help you determine the best method(s) based on your love for the Lord's work and a giving strategy that is most suitable for your life.

What To Give

Charitable gifts are made up of various assets including cash, securities, property, retirement funds, insurance proceeds, land, and/or collections. LFC works with you to identify which is the best option for your gift based on each individual/family situation.

When To Give

Do you want to give now or give later? For those who have assets available to give now and want to benefit their chosen ministries today, you can use your gift to get an immediate charitable deduction and watch your gift in action. For others, it may be important to keep control and use of their assets while living and establish their gift upon death (second to die in a marriage). End-of-life, or legacy giving, is a wonderful way to develop a larger gift while at the same time, offsetting tax liabilities of assets like RRSP/RRIFs.

How To Give

One of the easiest ways to establish a gift is by naming LFC as a beneficiary in your Will, either at a stated dollar amount or as a percentage of your estate’s value. Gifts can also be established by naming LFC as the beneficiary of your retirement accounts or an insurance policy, then using a Gift Allocation Agreement to direct your gift to the ministries of your choice. This is a great way to ensure your gift is completed now with peace of mind, knowing it will be distributed as you wish when received. LFC can help you choose the gifting method best suited to your circumstances.

Flexibility & Opportunity

Regardless of how or when you establish your charitable gift, LFC gives you flexibility to give anonymously, over time, with purpose, and with the opportunity to make changes at no cost to you. Contact us to begin your conversation.